A Real man knows how to uplift his brother when he’s down.
I’m Courage.💜

A strong woman knows how to make it.
I’m Courage.💜

Trouble don’t last always..
I’m courage.💜

-Why kick a man when he’s already on the ground!
I’m Courage.💜

The Greatest Gift is LOVE ❤️.
I’m Courage.💜

Team work makes the dream work.🌈

I’m Courage.💜 A Group created to uplift Men, Women, Boys & Girls all over the world.
Group About:
-Reflecting sending you love, and light.⭐️💙💜🌈
🗣My scars tell a story they are a reminder of time when life tried to break me, BUT FAILED!
*As a person it could 🗣BU
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There’s a Greater Life.🌈🌈
I’m Courage.💜

If you’re a good person & you know your intentions are good, stop beating yourself up about who went left on you!!! That’s their loss!
I’m Courage.💜